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Feeling rawsome?

raw cat food

What's best than raw food to feed your cat? It contain no chemicals or artificial flavours but only natural ingredients that your cat loves!

Feed your cat with the very best Raw cat Food

We stock very high quality cat food from leading brands like Natures Menu raw cat food, Natural Instinct cat food, Purrform & other leading brandsproviding high quality, complete raw cat food.

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Keep it in the can..

canned, trays, pouches & tins

Canned, trays or pouches has its own advantages as well, it has a very high water content which often means your cat can enjoy a larger portion per meal to provide the same number of calories as an equivalent portion of dry food.

Some cats prefer the palatability of wet food over dry. We stock very high quality wet cat food from leading brands.

Choose the best wet food for your cat amongst our selection.

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Easy and good for teeth!


Dry food ensures your cat chews their food rater than gulping, which helps prevent tartar buildup and has dental health benefits.

We cant talk about dry food with out mentioning convenience: Compared to wet food, dry food is easier to pre-portion and serve. plus it doesn't spoil if is left out all day.

This can be beneficial for fussy cats or those that are grazers or those left at home for any period of time during the day.

We stock very high quality complete dry cat food from leading brands. Choose the best dry food for your dog amongst our selection.

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